Best Android Spy App Review

In this modern technological age, multiple spying apps enable the user to track their loved ones or workers’ secret doings remotely. It’s 100% ethical and legally allowed that a guardian can secretly monitor their kids/ teenagers’ activities, and an owner may spy on their worker’s on-duty performance.

Out of millions of spying apps, few of the reliable apps are preferred by most of the users. Upon survey of the spy market, we get to know that the TOS is the only app, highly in-demand and leading over their competitors. 

Its special packages for employers and parents, containing efficient and 100% undetectable features. In this article, we will reflect the light on all aspects of TOS that truly shows why it is best for all kinds of users. Let’s have a look at this incredible Android Spy app

TOS Smart Tracking Features

OgyMogy facilitates its users with 250 plus advanced surveillance features that smoothly works with all Android devices. All features are very user friendly and let the user allow to detect suspicious activities of the targeted person within a second. 

Each feature performs multiple tracking functions and provides data upon activating that particular feature. Here are some useful features of OgyMogy listed below.

  • TOS SMS/ Message tracker
  • Call logs Tracking Feature
  • Live 360 Surrounding Listener
  • Keylogger
  • Password chaser
  • Live 360 Camera Viewer
  • Live Mobile Screen Recorder
  • Browsing History Tracker
  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Geo-fencing
  • MIC bug
  • Snap bug

Why is TOS the first choice of millions of people?

It is really simple and understandable why anything attracts a large community. There is something unique that values the users. Likewise, TOS proves a worthy app for its users as it pays back to its uses for what it charges. 

Thousands of businesses are successfully using it and taking huge benefit out of it. It not only increases the employee’s performance but also prevents the larger organizations confidential information. Other hand, parents/guardians who use TOS to monitor their kids/teenagers, feel more relaxed and peaceful after viewing live activities. Let us show you why TOS is a unique and preferable Android spying app. 

  • Real-time Tracking Application

Whenever a user commands the TOS for live tracking, it immediately starts working and shows the current location with accurate activity information.

  • 100% Stealth Mode Spying 

The targeted person who has been secretly traced by the user cannot get a single clue about being a monitor. It makes sure the relationship between the user and the targeted person will remain the same as earlier.

  • Offline and Online Tracking

Usually tracking apps not only provide online activities data, but TOS provide offline tracking results as well. So, you don’t need to be worried if yours or targeted device internet gets disconnected. TOS keeps the offline data safe in the form of short videos and transfers it on users’ online cloud account when the internet gets connected. 

  • Easy setup and usage of TOS

Easy to use because it runs smoothly with all Android devices and works efficiently according to the instructions.

  • Mighty Alarms

The user can fix alarms on inappropriate links, apps or contacts, so whenever the target device users try to reach them, an automatic command is sent to the user’s cloud account.

  • User-friendly Reports of Data

The user can take weekly, monthly and annual reports on demand so that they can evaluate the activities and performance of the target device users.

  • On-demand Screenshot

Whenever the user sees any immoral or useless activity being performed on the target Android device, he can immediately take screenshots on the same application.

  • Website Blocker

Another helpful feature of TOS is website blocker. This allows the user to block harmful or inappropriate websites that the target person spends most of their time on.


Finally, it turns out that OgyMogy Android Spy app has become the necessity of millions of parents and businesses. TOS provides all information accurately, and on time, so the user remains to be aware of all activities of a targeted person in real-time. Shortly, TOS will introduce more innovative features to track Android devices more conveniently.

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