Is Certbolt Cisco 300-410 ENARSI Exam Difficult to Crack?

The biggest reason why the Cisco certifications are so popular is that the employers know that anyone who has passed the relevant exam knows the technologies inside out. The recruiters are confident that the certified candidates have studied hard and will be able to provide the best solutions when the need arises.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to land a networking-related job if you don’t have a Cisco certificate. This vendor offers loads of exams, but here we are going to talk about one of the most important certification tests known as Certbolt 300-410 ENARSI: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services. So, without wasting any time, let’s see what this exam is about.

Target Audience and Prerequisites

The ideal target audience for the Certbolt Cisco 300-410 ENARSI exam is those individuals who are currently working as Network Administrators, System Administrators, System Engineers, or Enterprise Network Engineers. The candidates who are willing to take this test also need to have some basic networking knowledge. They should know how to perform the implementation of LANS and how to manage network devices. Besides that, the applicants should also possess some knowledge of network automation.

Exam Outline

The Cisco exams have a reputation of being difficult and that is why if you are planning to go for its certification tests, you need to be prepared in every sense of the word. If you are considering the 300-410 ENARSI exam, one of the first things that you need to know is that it is 90 minutes long and consists of multiple-choice questions. The part where things can start to get a little tough is that we don’t know the exact number of questions that will be part of the test. So, the only thing that you can do is to prepare for every topic carefully and hope that you are able to answer the questions correctly. The applicants have the option to sit for this exam in one of two languages: Japanese or English. Either way, it will cost each candidate $300.

Let’s now have a brief look at the topics included in the Cisco Certification. These are outlined below:

Layer 3 Technologies (35%)

  • Troubleshoot BGP (Internal and External)
  • Troubleshoot EIGRP
  • Troubleshoot OSPF
  • Configure and verify VRF-Lite
  • Describe Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
  • Configure and verify policy-based routing
  • Troubleshoot redistribution between any routing protocols or routing sources
  • Troubleshoot manual and auto-summarization with any routing protocol
  • Troubleshoot loop prevention mechanisms
  • Troubleshoot administrative distance
  • Troubleshoot route map for any routing protocol

VPN Technologies (20%)

  • Configure and verify DMVPN
  • Describe MPLS operations
  • Describe MPLS Layer 3 VPN

Infrastructure Security (20%)

  • Describe the IPv6 First Hop security features
  • Troubleshoot the router security features
  • Troubleshoot control plane policing
  • Troubleshoot device security using IOS AAA

Infrastructure Services (25%)

  • Troubleshoot network problems using Certbolt Cisco DNA Center assurance
  • Troubleshoot network performance issues using IP SLA
  • Troubleshoot NetFlow
  • Troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP
  • Troubleshoot SNMP
  • Troubleshoot device management
  • Troubleshoot SNMP


These were the main things that you should know about the 300-410 ENARSI Exam exam. To pass this test with a high result, you will need to work hard and there is no way to get around that. However, the benefits that you will receive after earning the associated certification are definitely worth your time and effort.

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