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Roadmap to Become a Android Developer


This article is dedicated to those developers who want to become a better android developer. Every developer wants to become a better developer. So to become a good developer you need a proper roadmap. This article also for anyone who already started on Android Development and wants to sharp Android Development skills.

The main goal is to provide proper guidance to become a better Android Developer. I hope this roadmap helps you to to become a better Android Developer

Let’s started with the Android Development

  • First of all, you have to basic knowledge of Java(Core Java Language ) for Android Development. I have prepared a small training plan for Java Development. Refer to this Java Training Plan
  • Install and Setup Android Studio IDE of Android Development on your laptop or PC. Refer here
  • Debug your app
  • Android Beginner Training Plan
  • Android Advanced Training Plan
  • Understanding the Context In Android Application.
  • Thread & MultiThread
  • Process & Thread
  • Database and SQL.
  • Know about the REST & HTTP
  • Learn about the content providers.
  • Know about the 3rd party libraries
  • Understanding Android Core. Looper, Handler, and HandlerThread are Android’s way of solving the problems of asynchronous programming. They are not old school, but a neat structure on which a complex android framework is built.
  • Learn about Service and IntentService.

Learn a basic Android Development with in 10 days

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