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4 Simple Ways To Find Out Who Your Neighbors Are?

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Moving into a new home is beyond setting up furniture and fixing appliances to use. There is a need to prioritize safety, security, and comfort in various ways. One of those ways is to discover who is living in your neighborhood. You should find your neighbors before getting too comfortable because there is so much that piece of information will do to enable your easy settling down in the area. In this article, you will discover how to find your neighbor’s names online using some incredible tricks and tips.

How to Find Your Neighbor’s Names Online?

There are several pieces of information you may find online about someone who lives or recently just moved to your neighborhood. They will be helpful towards you and your family’s safety and protection. This simple act can help you discover the person’s previous and present history regarding criminal, marriage, employment records, etc. 

That being said, below are four simple ways to find out who your neighbors are, including their names and phone number, online.

1. Public Records Search

One of the ways on how to find neighbors’ names and other important details is to do a public records search. Generally, there is information online (on public records) about lands and properties as documented by the state or local government. You can use this to your advantage by searching your neighbor’s house address to find out exactly who they are. Now, access to these public records may vary from one state to another. For instance, some states allow you to access for free from a state’s public record website; others require payment or official request submission to access these records. Regardless of whatever method is supported by your jurisdiction, you can use the land records to get the person’s name, birth date, employment history, etc. 

2. Search Engines/Reverse Address Search

If you don’t want to use public records, an alternative is the use of search engines via a reverse address search. For instance, a search engine like Google provides nearly accurate information about people as long as their information is available online. You only have to enter your neighbor’s new home address, and the search engine tool runs a data search to pull out records of people who have lived and are living there. You may even be lucky to find your neighbor’s phone number, social media platforms, and even family information through this reverse address search. It is free and easy. 

3. People Search Sites 

Synonymous with search engines and reverse search tools is the people search sites. They are designed specifically to run a quick search around the internet for people’s data, as long as there is something to work with. These sites create a comprehensive profile about someone as long as they have a digital footprint. You may use the website to find neighbor’s names, phone numbers, work history, criminal records, and even social media pages. The only thing about these sites is that they vary in terms of services – for instance, some people search tools are free, while some are on paid subscriptions. You may get more results with the paid service. 

4. Social Media Platforms 

Social media is also a powerful tool for finding out who your neighbors are. It is subtle but definitely a step in the right direction. But to use social media platforms, you must have already figured out who they are using other techniques. For instance, if you’ve got their names from Google using their address, you can look them up on a social app like LinkedIn, where you can find their life and work history. You can also use Facebook, as it gives even more insight into who they are before moving into the neighborhood.


Everyone wants safety, and if that includes knowing about the person living next to you, so be it. Getting to know people using the internet is not illegal – definitely, not a bad idea. You don’t have to go through the unnecessary trouble of walking up to them and asking (sensitive) questions when you can just find your neighbors names online and proceed from there. Use the online methods described above and have a great time finding out who your neighbors really are. 

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